Making Event Photography Social

Photo booth and event photography sharing software that turns any iPad into a fun photo sharing kiosk.

The Mashbooth App – is a live photo sharing and GIF making kiosk solution on iPad for photo booths, marketing companies, and event photographers.

Guests can view photos in Single or Photo Strip View, create animated GIFs from any combination of single photos, and email or share photos or GIFs directly to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in real-time. Look our promo and see how it works!

Main App Features

Social Media Sharing (Embedded in Email Body Only)

Enable guests to share GIFs or photos directly to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using...

SMS/Text Messaging

Send GIFs or photos via text message using your own Twilio Account and phone...

Branded Emails for Marketing

Brand the way guests receive their photos or GIFs using our easy-to-use email branding...

GIF and Single Overlays

Automatically add an overlay to every shared GIF or Single image. Even better, since...

How it Works

The Mashbooth app is a live photo sharing and GIF making solution on iPad for photo booths and event photographers. It displays photos from a source, such as DSLR Camera or photo booth, so that guests can instantly make GIFs or share them on an iPad.

Who use the App?

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What you need to use the Mashbooth App