How To Start


Download and install the desktop version of Dropbox to your PC or Photo Booth device

You will need a Dropbox Account for storing photo strips, single photos, GIFs and optional overlays for single photos and GIFs.


Create 4 folders in Dropbox
to store your different image types

We recommend each folder the following: "Strips", "Singles", "Gifs", "Overlays". Photo strips and single photos are files made by your photobooth software. GIF files are made by the Mashbooth App. GIF and Single overlay files are optional and can be prepared by you prior to the event. Your custom overlays must be in .png format and have the following image size: Single Overlay - 1844 x 1240 pixels (1240 x 1844 if portraits), GIF Overlay - 600 x 600 pixels.


Link the Dropbox
folders in Settings

1. Login or create a new Admin Account on the Mashbooth web site. 2. Go to Settings section. 3. Click on “Link Dropbox” and login to the Dropbox Account you created. Tap on each field and select the corresponding Dropbox folder. 4. Once all folders are linked, enable overlay and sharing buttons and enter sharing messages or hashtags in the sharing fields.


Transfer and Sync images
to Dropbox Folders

The way you transfer images from your PC to your Dropbox folders can vary depending on what photo booth software you use. We recommend using Dsynchronize which is a free file transferring tool that enables you to transfer copies of images from multiple folders in real-time.

  • 1. Start by downloading Dsynchronize at the following link:
  • 2. Once Dsynchronize is downloaded and extracted, open the Dsynchronize application.
  • 3. Right click in the blank area under the “Sources” field and select the folder where your single photos are stored by the photo booth software on your PC.
  • 4. Right click in the blank area under the “Destinations” field and select the “Singles” folder that you created in Dropbox.
  • 5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the folders that contain your strips.
  • 6. Make sure the boxes are checked off next to each item.
  • 7. Click on “Synchronize”.
  • 8. Check off “Real Time Sync”.
  • 9. When prompted by an activation window, click “OK”.


Transfer and Sync images
to Dropbox Folders

Items circled below show the fields from step 4 (above) that need to be configured.


Final Screenshot of
Dsynchronize (Below)